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Room for Revival

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The past few years have seen a revival of one of my favourite decorating styles; dramatic walls, painted in colours borrowed from archives from the 1920s and 1930s. This between-the-wars era saw interior paint escalate in popularity as smooth, plastered walls replaced pattern-clash Victorian decoration and wooden panelling in favour of a modern, more streamlined look.

The Bloomsbury group, 1920s Hollywood glamour and newsworthy expeditions to faraway places infused an interest in drama, fantasy and colour into everything from fashion to interiors. 

The green bathroom at Charleston Farmhouse
Image: Arcaid/Alamy Stock

Think along the lines of The Great Gatsby; the brilliant pastels of Miami’s art deco hotels, or the Bloomsbury group’s Charleston Farmhouse where surfaces are painted in earthy tones as well as darker utilitarian hues. To achieve the pale green walls of the bathroom at Charleston (above) try Primrose Hill from Mylands Colours of London paint collection.

If you’re thinking of adding a little drama, but the idea of painting a whole room seems too daunting, consider a feature wall or chimney breast in one standout colour. Look out for decorating ideas in your favourite home & lifestyle magazines and keep a list of inspiring interiors.

This warm, tawny shade is the perfect backdrop for vintage artwork

Mylands have a timeless selection of 120 paints in their Colours of London collection – a celebration of the capital and inspired by the company’s British roots. Each shade of paint is named after a district or landmark within the city; colours like Theatre Land (a plush, deep red), Circle Line (a cheery yellow) and Kensington Rose (a delicate pale pink).

Established in 1884 Mylands is one of the last remaining paint manufacturers to use natural earth pigments to deliver superior colour and depth as well as being eco-friendly.

Cosy glamour with dark walls & velvet fabrics. Source: Bianca Chevallard Design/Pinterest

Plump for jewel like colours if you’re looking for cosy glamour with golds, greens and reds and soften with rose, cream or beige details. Try Mylands Brompton Road for a similar dark green wall, above.

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